On the road in 3 steps

How it works

Find & Reserve

Download the user-friendly app to see where the nearest Gowtu is and reserve it for up to 15 minutes. Then use the app to locate a nearby Gowtu and unlock with the press of a button.

Enjoy Your Ride

It is time to start riding! Gowtu is comfortable and fun to drive, with strong battery-powered engines and USB ports to charge your devices.

To Accelerate, you must first lift the handbrake. Depending on your riding style, you can select the riding mode.

Park & Deactivate

Park Gowtu in the most correct way by using a regular car parking spot. After parking the Gowtu, you must not forget to finish your journey on the Gowtu app.

*Places such as pavements and garages are not suitable for parking or ending your ride.


Safety more important than anything

You should remember to wear your seatbelt

It is important that you protect yourself just in case on your journeys. Therefore, we recommend that you wear your seatbelt while using Gowtu.

You must not ride Gowtu under the influence

You should stay away from Gowtu when you are drunk or under influence of drugs. Otherwise, dangerous accidents may occur for you and others.

Traffic rules for all of us

One of the things you must do as a Gowtu rider is to obey traffic rules. A riding experience is always safer when you follow the rules!

We’re here for you

If you encounter a problem, remember that we are always here for you. You can contact us at any time.


Download the app today and join our sustainable urban transport revolution! You also get 15 free drive minutes*


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